Package: E-Commerce Site + Learning Management System

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Package: E-Commerce Site + Learning Management System

Development Brief

CDCS is an Australian-based consultation company providing assistance to aged care organisations that are located in rural or remote places of Australia. They already have a membership site offering a full suite of online resources, but they wanted to offer smaller, individually packaged tools for customers who didn’t want the full suite. They also wanted to add a course component, allowing them to create and offer courses to their customers from the Store Page.

Mythic Coding was contracted to set up a subdomain and build the e-commerce store in the same theme as their existing website. We also uploaded all existing resources + the first course and its accompanying videos.


Culturally Directed Care Solutions Pty Ltd | Consultancy


  • Set up subdomain
  • Install and configure e-commerce plugin
  • Install and configure Learning Management System plugin
  • Paycart integration and configuration
  • Uploading existing products
  • Configuring the first course


Build an E-Commerce Site + Learning Management System (LMS) Add-On


  • Graphic design
  • Landing pages for specified products

Main Pages

The site is built on a subdomain of the main website, meaning it is essentially its own website now. However, we copied the colour, fonts and style of the original site and also created a custom menu that looks the same as the original site’s menu. Visitors will feel like they haven’t navigated away from the main site and will find it easy to continue browsing the main site if they wish.

Product pages were kept simple and easy to navigate to assist in the customer journey.

shop cdcs product page
CDCS Shop home page

Theme + Plugins

The CDCS Store is built on WordPress using the premium theme Divi’  by ElegantThemes. The same theme is used on the main CDCS site, meaning the customisation of the store to match the original site was a fairly simple process.

WooCommerce is the free e-commerce plugin that powers the store and the premium LMS plugin LearnDash powers the course component of the site.

A few words from CDCS

"I'm so glad we got someone who knew what they were doing. All that talk about connecting paycarts went way over my head!"

Carrie, Director @ CDCS