Narrowboat Life Unlocked

Package: Please send help!

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Narrowboat Life Unlocked

Package: Please send help!

Development Brief

Paul & Anthony had started building their own WordPress site for their YouTube channel, Narrowboat Life Unlocked. Paul had some previous experience building WordPress websites but was struggling to get the site up and running.

They contacted Mythic Coding to request the Please Send Help! Package to get the website to a functioning state that they could then tweak and perfect to their liking themselves.


Narrowboat Life Unlocked | YouTube Creators


  • Set up 6 pages
  • Configure chosen theme
  • Develop style guide


Please Send Help! | WordPress Website Assistance


  • Contact form troubleshooting

Main Pages

Paul and Anthony’s aim with their new website was to showcase their YouTube channel and provide a seamless viewing experience to the people who visited their website.

The Home Page is a great place to put the channel trailer front and centre, instantly telling visitors what the site is about. There is also a module containing their latest videos.

The Videos Page is quite obviously an important page. We decided to put a subscribe button at the very top to encourage people to join the Narrowboat Life Unlocked channel. Also on this page are video categories labelled as ‘Playlists’ so visitors can watch a selection of videos in a category that particularly interests them.

Narrowboat Life Unlocked videos page
Narrowboat Life Unlocked home page

Theme + Plugins

Narrowboat Life Unlocked is built on WordPress using the premium theme Vlog’  by Meks, which was purchased by the clients before Mythic Coding was contracted. The theme comes with lots of pre-published template pages showing the different video module layouts. While this is interesting and quite helpful in a way, it probably also contributed to the overwhelm the clients experienced while trying to get their site live.

WP Forms was their chosen plugin for creating contact forms, however the forms were not sending messages through to Paul and Anthony. We investigated the situation and provided a solution that solved the issue.

A few words from Narrowboat Life Unlocked

"You are a miracle worker! I am really chuffed with all the work you have done on our website."

Paul, YouTube Creator @ Narrowboat Life Unlocked